2017 COBRA 


Hanne Bloch is launching one of her most diverse and extensive collections to date. COBRA is a daring endeavor.

True to form Hanne Bloch defies boundaries of the textile, bikinis are made of. Knit, suede, silk and hand embroidered mirror ornaments elegantly nestles into the collection and gives an ethnic edge with inspiration from every corner of the world. 

COBRA combines raw and seductive swimwear with gauzy dresses and robes that create soft and elegant silhouettes. Expect a tightly orchestrated collection that is well thought out down to the smallest, most immaculate detail. Several bikinis are reversible, so color contrasts or statement prints appear, while a few dresses and tops can be tied in different lengths, changing the character of the expression.

The colors move between forest green, desert orange and ocean blue, which effortlessly coincides with tones from the more insistent end of the spectrum. Here Hanne Bloch lets individual pieces elope in garish blue, bold pink, and expressive green. It consummates in a strong attitude that is beautifully complimented by the collection's more subtle and saturated colors.