In the summer of 2008, Hanne Bloch was established in the designer’s own name. With seductive colors and daring combinations of patterns and materials, Hanne Bloch creates collections that complement and emphasize the female form. Refined details and bold prints strengthen the philosophy of accentuating an elegant and seductive silhouette.

The traditional seasons in fashion are dissolving and pre-collections have increased the number of collection to almost 6 a year. Hanne Bloch has paradoxically cut down to one collection a year and production is limited. Each collection is grounded in a visual staging of a feeling, a mood, an impression; always manifesting the essence of Hanne Bloch’s visual universe. The inspiration is drawn from around the world, and the Scandinavian roots reserved solely for the simple cut and feel for detail. Hanne Bloch seeks to encourage women to dress according to personal style, rather than conforming to the season’s fleeting trends.

Over the past collections, the daughter, Olivia Bloch, has helped envision and realize the profile. While studying at Parsons School of Design, Olivia has been behind several prints that have appeared in Hanne Bloch’s collections since 2012. Now Olivia assumes an even larger role, and the pair collaborate on every collection collection down to the smallest detail. The collaboration between mother and daughter provides ferocity and edge to the already distinct expression.