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“In order to normalize all female bodies in society, we would need an equal representation. I think that each body deserves to be highlighted and appreciated in all their subjectivity. Regardless of their colors, their shape, their appearance, their size, their history. Today we shouldn’t emphasize just one kind of beauty ideal. We need to embrace the diversity which to me is the real beauty.” - @felicieava

“I think I still haven’t figured it out… what confidence really means to me. I guess its meaning changes over time. It grows with me. Right now, confidence to me is believing in myself, in what I can do, what I can achieve. But also, accepting that I’m not going to be at my highest every day or every week, and that’s okay” - @ceciliamauro64

“I feel free, alive and dynamic when I dance with my body. I think my favorite part of my body is my flexibility. It’s of the ways I use for expressing myself. It allows me to do a lot of movements. Since I was 5 years old my mom sent me to a professional school in Beijing and I was starting each day with 10 hours training. So it’s not only physically training, it’s also mentally… so I never give up easily.” - @_yinanwang_